Shanghai's stature as China's business capital hasn’t stopped it from catering both to business and leisure travelers, especially with its handful of boutique hotels. Business hotels can be divided into two categories: modern Western-style hotels with all the latest amenities and older hotels built during the city's glory days. The latter may lack great service, modern fixtures, and convenient facilities, but they may make up for it in charm, tradition, and history.

Judging by the number of international chain hotels in Shanghai, the city has proven just how much it has opened to the outside world. Many aren't merely hotels; they're landmarks on the Shanghai skyline. Even the historic properties that make up the other half of Shanghai's hotel market feel the pressure to update their rooms and facilities.

Shanghai may have an excellent subway system and cheap, plentiful taxis, but if you want to take full advantage of Shanghai's popular tourist sights, restaurants, and nightlife, opt to stay in downtown Puxi, incorporating the quiet, leafy green Former French Concession, the historic promenade of the Bund, and the bustling shopping street of Nanjing Dong Lu. From these neighborhoods you'll have easy access to the rest of Shanghai.


  • The PuLi Hotel & Spa

    The PuLi Hotel & Spa

    1 Changde Lu 021-3203–9999
  • Astor House Hotel

    Astor House Hotel

    15 Huangpu Lu 021-6324–6388
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