Bus Travel

An efficient network of double-decker buses covers most of Hong Kong, often with stops at locations that are not accessible via MTR. Figuring out routes, however, may be a bit daunting for tourists. Drivers don't usually speak English, and routes listed at bus stops may be confusing. Your best bet is to look up your destination on Google Maps, which will display nearby bus and minibus stops. Click on the bus icon to display the bus numbers, as well as the bus company that runs the service. You can then check the route numbers at the bus company's website to see which bus to take. Citybus and New World First Bus share a common website, as do Kowloon Motor Bus and Long Win Bus Company.

More intrepid visitors who enjoy thrill rides can take a chance on a minibus. These cream-colored vehicles seat 16 people and rattle through the city at breakneck speeds. Routes and prices are prominently displayed in front. While convenient and faster than buses, minibuses are risky if you aren't sure of your destination. There are designated stops, but minibus drivers will also pick up and drop off passengers at other points along the way. To get off, you'll have to shout out to the driver and hold on tight as he screeches to a halt.


Double-decker bus fares range from HK$2.50 to HK$48; minibus fares from HK$2 to HK$20. The best way to pay is by Octopus Card. Otherwise, you'll need to give exact change. Some minibuses, particularly the overnight ones, accept only cash, but they do give you change.

Bus Information

Citybus (2873–0818.

Kowloon Motor Bus (2745–4466.

Long Win Bus Company (2745–4466.

New World First Bus (2136–8888.