No other city in the world boasts quite as eclectic a dining scene as Hong Kong. Opulent restaurants opened by celebrity chefs such as Gray Kunz and Joël Robuchon are just a stone’s throw from humble local eateries doling out thin noodles and some of the best wonton shrimp dumplings, or delicious slices of tender barbecued meat piled atop bowls of fragrant jasmine rice.

One of the key lessons here is never judge a book by its cover—the most unassuming eateries are often the ones that provide the most memorable meals. At noodle-centric restaurants, fish-ball soup with rice noodles is an excellent choice, and the goose, suckling pig, honeyed pork, and soy-sauce chicken are good bets at the roast-meat shops. A combination plate, with a sampling of meats and some greens on a bed of white rice, is generally a foolproof way to go if you're not sure what to order. Street foods are another must-try; for just a couple of bucks you can sample curry fish balls, skewered meats, stinky tofu, and all sorts of other delicious tidbits. If you have the chance, visit a dai pai dong (outdoor food stall) and try the local specialties.

For fine dining with a unique Hong Kong twist, you can always hit up places like the extravagant Mott 32 or try Alvin Leung's one-of-a-kind "X-treme Chinese" fare at Bo Innovation.

Finally, remember that Hong Kong is the world's epicenter of dim sum. While you're here you must have at least one dim sum breakfast or lunch in a teahouse. Those steaming bamboo baskets you see conceal mouthwatering dumplings, buns, and pastries—all as comforting and delicious as they are exotic.


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