1. Grab dinner in Sanlitun and if you're up for a long walk (40 minutes at least), head down to the Stone Boat Café (Ritan Park) for a well-mixed drink in an idyllic setting.

2. Check out what's really going on in Chinese art today in the 798 Art District. After strolling through the galleries, grab something to eat or a drink at one of the many hip bars or cafés within the factory complex.

3. Do some shopping at the Yashow Market, where you can buy anything from knockoff jeans to a custom-tailored suit. Then take a half-hour walk north on Sanlitun North Street and pick a place to grab an espresso or some top-quality Western grub.

4. Enjoy a drink or meal, along with some great books, at The Bookworm in the first alley to the left on Sanlitun South Street. Readings and musical events take place throughout the week, usually in the evening.

5. Go for an early-morning stroll in Chaoyang Park and watch the traditional Chinese exercises.