Beijing has blossomed. China is now a global superpower and the capital has become a major center for nightlife, culture, and the arts. The traditional options still endure: Peking opera, acrobatics, classical music, martial arts, and more, but alongside them are more and more exciting contemporary events venues.

From avant-garde plays and modern music to world-class cocktail bars and international talent performing in the hottest clubs, Beijing has ascended to the world stage. You can take in the best of Old Beijing while sipping a world-class martini or Manhattan, or dance the night away at a happening dance club. There are bars for every taste, from beer gardens to classy lounges to vampire-themed venues and English-style pubs.

The performing arts, led by the programming at the National Centre for the Performing Arts (aka "The Egg") are thriving, with talent from as far as the United States and as close as two blocks away taking over the stage nightly. With concerts by the likes of Elton John and Justin Bieber, the city has become a must-stop destination on many international tours. No matter what your interest, Beijing awaits.