An adventurous spirit is a prerequisite for visiting Easter Island. It's possible to sign up for a package tour, but you'd visit only a handful of the sights. To fully experience the island, hire a private guide. Even better, rent a four-wheel-drive vehicle or a mountain bike and head out on your own. Tour buses often bypass fascinating destinations that are off the beaten path. Even in the height of the high season you can find secluded spots.

Almost all businesses, including those catering to tourists, close for a few hours in the afternoon. Most are open 9 to 1 and 4 to 8, but a few stay open late into the evening. Many are closed Sunday. Smaller restaurants and shops don't usually accept credit cards. Beware that, outside Hanga Roa, there are almost no shops, not even to buy a bottle of water.


  • Cementerio


    Av. Policarpo Toro at Petero Atamu
  • Puna Pau

    Puna Pau

  • Ana O Keke and Ana O Neru

    Ana O Keke and Ana O Neru

    Poike Peninsula
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