Toronto is sprawling, there’s no doubt about it. However, the city's excellent public transportation system makes it a cinch to get outside the city center to explore the Toronto that locals know and cherish. And you should do just that: hit a trendy strip like Ossington to experience Toronto’s burgeoning hipster culture; take in the vibe of a busy sidewalk café in Leslieville, teeming with young families; stroll the boardwalk and enjoy the lake breezes in The Beach; or satisfy a hungry belly with Greek food along the Danforth or a spicy curry in Little India.

  • The Danforth

    Once English-settled, this area along Danforth Avenue named after Asa Danforth, an American contractor who cut...Read More
  • West Queen West and Ossington

    Grunge meets chic along Queen Street west of Bathurst, dubbed "West Queen West" by locals. While it's still possible...Read More
  • The Beach

    Queen Street West represents the city's of-the-moment trends, but The Beach neighborhood, 15 minutes east of the...Read More
  • Leslieville

    Perhaps because of its location, far from much-hyped and highly publicized West Queen West and Ossington, Leslieville...Read More