Rio de Janeiro is world famous for its churrascarias (grilled-meat restaurants) but there's more to its dining scene than sizzling cuts of meat: the city embraces all types of cuisine, from traditional set meals of meat, rice, and black beans to upscale French cuisine. Unlike the states of Bahia and Minas Gerais, Rio doesn't have an identifiable cuisine, though its coastal location ensures that fish and seafood dishes are a staple of many menus here. Vegetarian cuisine has become more visible over the past half-decade. Non-carnivores can feast on a vast range of vividly colored fruits and vegetables at a number of health-food spots. Don't leave Rio without enjoying a relaxed meal and drinks at a traditional boteco (casual bar-restaurant), or taking your pick from the heaping buffets at a comida-a-kilo (pay-by-weight) restaurant.