Belize City has the most varied shopping in the country. Rather than catering to leisure shoppers, most stores in Belize City cater to the local market and those from other parts of the country who need to stock up on supplies at lumberyards, home-building stores, appliance outlets, and supermarkets. Gift shops and handicraft shops are concentrated in the downtown area in and near the Tourism Village.

About a dozen cruise ships per week call on Belize City, and each time the Tourism Village shops open their doors. Wednesday is usually the biggest day of the week for cruise ships in Belize City, often with three to five in port, and Saturday is another popular day. Rarely is there a ship in port on Sunday.

Most stores in the downtown area are open Monday through Saturday from around 8 am to 6 pm. On Sunday, nearly all stores downtown are dark, although some stores in the suburbs are open Sunday afternoon.

The Queen's Square Market, with fruit, vegetable, and other food vendors, just south of the Novelo's bus terminal on West Collet Canal Street, has been renovated and also goes by the name of Michael Finnegan’s Market, after a local politician.