If you are traveling by car from Amsterdam, take the A1/E19 motorway. Once you reach the E40, follow the signs to the city. The trip takes around 2½ hours.

Brussels is connected to Amsterdam by the high-speed Thalys train network, which requires advance reservations. One train an hour leaves Amsterdam for Brussels, and the journey takes just under two hours. A normal InterCity train also leaves once an hour from Amsterdam Centraal, traveling via Schiphol Airport, and takes just over 2½ hours. The advantage of the slower train is that reservations are not required. The easiest way to ensure a cab is to call Taxis Verts. You can also catch a taxi at stands around town; stands are indicated with yellow signs. All officially registered taxis have a yellow-and-blue sign on their roofs. A cab ride within the city center costs between €6 and €12. Tips are included in the fare.