Up to eight ships at a time can dock at Bridgetown's Deep Water Harbour, on the northwest side of Carlisle Bay near Bridgetown. The cruise-ship terminal has duty-free shops, handicraft vendors, a post office, a telephone station, a tourist information desk, and a taxi stand. To get downtown, follow the shoreline to the Careenage. It's a 15-minute walk or a $5 taxi ride.

Taxis await ships at the pier. Drivers accept U.S. dollars and appreciate a 10% tip. Taxis are unmetered and operate at an hourly rate of $35 to $40 per carload (up to three passengers). Most drivers will cheerfully narrate an island tour. You can rent a car, but rates are steep—$60 to $85 per day during the high season—and some agencies require a two-day rental. You’ll also need a temporary driving permit (Bds$10). Driving is on the left, British-style.