The entire 1st through 9th districts, and most of the rest of the city, are limited-parking zones and require a Parkschein, a paid-parking chit that can be purchased at tobacconists (AustriaTabak), gas stations and, oddly, from cigarette machines. They must be filled out and displayed on the dash during the day, and the procedure is maddening and laborious. At this writing, a Parkscheine costs €1 for 30 minutes, €2 for one hour, €3 for 90 minutes, and €4 for two hours. These are required from 8 am until 10 pm in districts 1 to 9, and a maximum parking time of two hours is permitted, at which point the procedure must be repeated in full. You can park for 15 minutes free of charge, but you must get a violet "gratis" sticker to put in your windshield. You can also park free in the 1st District from noon on Saturday until Monday at 8 am.