Aruba's high season runs from early December through mid-April. During this season you're guaranteed the most entertainment at resorts and the most people with whom to enjoy it. It's also the most fashionable and most expensive time to visit, both for people staying a week or more and for cruise-ship passengers coming ashore. During this period hotels are solidly booked, and you must make reservations at least two or three months in advance for the very best places (and to get the best airfares). During the rest of the year hotel prices can drop 20% to 40% after April 15.


Aruba doesn't really have a rainy season and rarely sees a hurricane—one reason why the island is more popular than most during the off-season from mid-May through mid-November, when the risk of Atlantic hurricanes is at its highest. Temperatures are constant (along with the trade winds) year-round. Expect daytime temperatures in the 80s Fahrenheit and nighttime temperatures in the high 70s year-round.

Festivals and Events

January–March: Carnival. Weeks of parties and cultural events precede this two-day street party in late February or early March.

May: Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival. This concert features international artists and takes place over two days on Memorial Day weekend at a different resort every year.

July: Aruba Hi-Winds. This windsurfing and kiteboarding event takes place over six days, usually in late June or early July. It brings windsurfers of all skill levels from more than 30 different countries to compete off the beaches at Fisherman's Huts at Hadikurari and is considered by some to be the best in the Caribbean.

August: Aruba Regatta. Three days of racing and parties, this is one of Aruba's annual highlights.

September: Caribbean Sea Jazz. A two-day musical extravaganza features international and local jazz and pop performers.

November: Aruba International Beach Tennis Tournament. The largest beach tennis competition in the Caribbean attracts competitors from all over the globe to a big party on Eagle Beach.

Year-Round: Bon Bini Festival. Every Tuesday evening Fort Zoutman comes alive with music and local folk dancing.