From Aruba to the United States or Canada a letter costs Afl2.20 (about $1.25) and a postcard costs Afl1.30 (75¢). Expect it to take one to two weeks. When addressing letters to Aruba, don't worry about the lack of formal addresses or postal codes; the island's postal service knows where to go.

If you need to send a package in a hurry, there are a few options. The Federal Express office across from the airport offers overnight service to the United States if you get your package in before 3 pm. Another big courier service is UPS, and several smaller local courier services, most of them open weekdays 9 to 5, also provide international deliveries. Check the local phone book for details.

Shipping Packages

Federal Express service is available in downtown Oranjestad.


FedEx (Browninvest Financial Center, Wayaca 31-A, Oranjestad, n/a Aruba. 297/592–9039.

UPS (L. G. Smith Blvd. 128, Oranjestad, n/a Aruba. 297/588–0640.