Aruba is 2½ hours from Miami, 4½ hours from New York, and 9½ hours from Amsterdam. The flight from New York to San Juan, Puerto Rico, takes 3½ hours; from Miami to San Juan it's 1½ hours; and from San Juan to Aruba it's just over an hour. Shorter still is the ¼- to ½-hour hop (depending on whether you take a prop or a jet plane) from Curaçao to Aruba.

Airline-Security Issues

Transportation Security Administration. The TSA has answers for almost every question that might come up.


The island's Reina Beatrix International Airport (AUA) has been recently revamped and is equipped with thorough security, lots of flight displays, and state-of-the-art baggage-handling systems, shopping, and food-and-drink emporiums.

Airport Information

Aeropuerto Internacional Reina Beatrix. This refreshed, clean, and modern airport has lots of food and drink, banks/ATMs, duty-free shopping, and lounging areas, including a VIP lounge. Check their website for updated flight information, transportation options, and alerts. Wayaca z/n. 297/524–2424.

Ground Transportation

A taxi from the airport to most hotels takes about 20 minutes. It’ll cost $22 to get to the hotels along Eagle Beach, $25 to the high-rise hotels on Palm Beach, and $18 to the hotels downtown (rates are a few dollars higher at night). You'll find a taxi stand right outside the baggage-claim area. Aruba taxis are not metered; they operate on a flat rate by destination. See for more information on rates.

For a pdf of rates see


Many airlines fly nonstop to Aruba from several cities in North America; connections will usually be at a U.S. airport.

Nonstop Flights There are nonstop flights from Atlanta (Delta), Boston (American, JetBlue, US Airways), Charlotte (US Airways), Chicago (United), Fort Lauderdale (Spirit), Houston (United), Miami (American), Newark (United), New York–JFK (American, Delta, JetBlue), Philadelphia (US Airways), and Washington, D.C.–Dulles (United). Southwest Airlines has begun flights to Aruba from Baltimore and Houston as well. Seasonal nonstops from major Canadian cities are available from WestJet and Air Canada and charter airlines like Sunwing and Air Transat.

Because of pre-U.S. customs clearance, you really need three hours before departure from Aruba’s airport. Beyond typical check-in lines—unless you check in online and do not have baggage—you must go through two separate security checks and customs as well, and sometimes even random baggage checks. The entire procedure takes a lot of time, and there are not often enough customs agents on duty to handle all the traffic, especially on weekends. So be there early. The good news is that you do not have to deal with customs in the United States on the other end. The airport departure tax is typically included in the price of your ticket.

Airline Contacts

Air Canada. Direct flights are available from Toronto only. ; 888/247–2262 in North America.

American Airlines (297/582–2700 on Aruba; 800/433–7300.

Delta Airlines (297/800–1555 on Aruba; 800/221–1212 for U.S. reservations; 800/241–4141 for international reservations.

jetBlue (800/538–2583.

KLM (5999/868–0195 on Aruba; 31/20–4–747–747 in Amsterdam.

Spirit Airlines (800/772–7117 or.

United Airlines (297/562–9592 on Aruba; 800/538–2929 in North America.

US Airways (800/455–0123 for U.S. and Canada reservations; 001-800/622–1015 for international reservations.