Shopping can be good on Aruba. Although stores on the island often use the tagline "duty-free," the word "prices" is usually printed underneath in much smaller letters. The only real duty-free shopping is in the departure area of the airport. (Passengers bound for the United States should be sure to shop before proceeding through U.S. customs in Aruba.) Downtown stores do have very low sales tax, though, and some excellent bargains on high-end luxury items like gold, silver, gems, and high-end watches. Major credit cards are welcome everywhere, as are U.S. dollars. Aruba's souvenir and crafts stores are full of Dutch porcelains and figurines, as befits the island's heritage. Dutch cheese is a good buy, as are hand-embroidered linens and any products made from the native aloe vera plant—sunburn cream, face masks, or skin refreshers. Local arts and crafts run toward wood carvings and earthenware emblazoned with "Aruba: One Happy Island" and the like, but there are many shops with unique Aruban items like designer wear and fancy flip-flops and artwork if you know where to look. Don't try to bargain unless you are at a flea market or stall type of deal. Arubans consider it rude to haggle, despite what you may hear to the contrary.


  • Paseo Herencia

    Paseo Herencia

    J.E. Irausquin Blvd 382 297-586–6533
  • Colombian Emeralds

    Colombian Emeralds

    L.G. Smith Blvd. 82 297-583–6238
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