Visitor Information

Argentina's official Web portal contains a huge range of detailed up-to-date information in English, including sections on culture, tourism, and business and investment.

The Buenos Aires city government operates tourist information booths around the city and an excellent Web site that includes downloadable maps, free MP3 walking tours, hundreds of listings, and insightful articles on porteño culture.

Each Argentine province operates a tourist office in Buenos Aires, usually called the Casa de [Province Name Here] en Buenos Aires; that is, for information about Salta, you'd go to the Casa de Salta en Buenos Aires, for Mendoza, the Casa de Mendoza en Buenos Aires, and so on.

The government umbrella organization for all regional and city-based tourist offices is the Secretaría de Turismo (Secretariat of Tourism). Their no-frills Web site has links and addresses to these offices, and lots of other practical information.

Limited tourist information is also available at Argentina's embassy and consulates in the United States.


Argentina (Official Web Portal) (

Argentine Secretariat of Tourism (800/555–0016 in Argentina.

Dirección de Turismo del Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (0800/999–2838 in Argentina.

Embassy of Argentina (

The Connection

Before your trip, be sure check out what fellow travelers are saying in Talk on

All About Buenos Aires

The like-minded travelers on are eager to answer questions and share information.

Several Web sites have information that will supplement or complement that on tourist board sites. Atlas Ambiental de Buenos Aires is part atlas, part environmental encyclopedia. It's a well-designed site that has detailed background information about the city.

Mapa de Buenos Aires is an interactive online map run by the city government. It allows you to search for specific addresses. Welcome Argentina has good overviews of Argentina's different regions, and lots of articles on Buenos Aires.

Culture and Entertainment

Insightful—and often amusing—commentaries on local news and cultural events are at The Argentine Post. The English-language daily Buenos Aires Herald gives a conservative take on local news.

The Web site of English-language monthly newspaper The Argentimes has traveler-oriented news and cultural information. What's Up Buenos Aires is a slick bilingual guide, run by American expats, to contemporary culture and partying in the city.

The Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, which contains the world's biggest collection of Argentine art, has lots of information about Argentine artists on its Web site.

Festival de Tango, the official tango site of the Buenos Aires city government, has practical information and listings of classes and events. Todo Tango is an excellent bilingual tango site with tango lyrics, history, and free downloads.

The Expat Life

The BA Expats forum, Living in Argentina, and Discover Buenos Aires have lots of insider tips on expat life in Buenos Aires.

Food and Drink

Wines of Argentina is overflowing with information about Argentina's best tipple. The Web site of Guía Óleo has searchable listings and user reviews of restaurants in Buenos Aires. For everything you always wanted to know about maté (a type of tea) but were afraid to ask, check out the site of Mate Argentino. Saltshaker, American food writer Dan Perlman's blog, is packed with insight on local cooking, restaurants, and ingredients.

All About Buenos Aires

Atlas Ambiental de Buenos Aires ( (

Mapa de Buenos Aires (

Welcome Argentina (

BA Insider (

Culture and Entertainment

The Argentine Post (

The Argentina Independent (

Buenos Aires Herald (

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (

Festival de Tango.

Todo Tango (

What's Up Buenos Aires (

Expat Life

BA Expats (

Discover Buenos Aires (

Living in Argentina.

Food and Drink

Wines of Argentina (

Guía Óleo (

Mate Argentino (

Saltshaker (

Buenos Aires Foodies (

Travel Agents

Argentina Escapes (11/5032–2938.

Buenos Aires Tours (

Limitless Argentina (202/536–5812 in U.S.; 11/4772–8700 in Buenos Aires.

Wow! Argentina (11/5239–3019.