Traveling to Mexico on a vacation soon? You might want to be wary of alcohol consumption — and not just for the reasons you think.

This week, Mexican authorities confiscated 10,000 gallons of illicit alcohol following a crackdown in the resort areas of Cancun and Playa del Carmen, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. The Journal Sentinel has been reporting on the issue since the January death of a Wisconsin woman while on a vacation in Mexico. The newspaper reported last month that it had uncovered at least three dozen incidents of people who said they had blacked out or been sickened after drinking even small amounts of alcohol at Mexican resorts.

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Counterfeit and other forms of illicit alcohol are a common problem in Mexico. A 2017 report from Euromonitor International said that about 24 percent of alcohol in Latin America is illicit.

Last month, the State Department cautioned travelers about counterfeit Mexican alcohol, although those cautions appear to have been removed from the department's travel advisories. Salvador Lopez Brito, the president of Mexico’s health commission, told the Journal Sentinel the country was working on legislation to improve alcohol controls and inspections at resorts.

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