One-way Car Rentals

Drivers can get one-way rentals for $5 a day.


Are you one of the thousands of people who flock south each winter to escape the cold? Or would you simply like to take a long road trip along the East Coast? This could be your year for a deal.

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A number of rental car companies have dropped some one-way East Coast rentals to as little as $5 per day. There are some additional fees and taxes, but it’s still a good deal. During a quick search, we found HertzThrifty and Dollar all running specials for weeks in the fall. For example, a three-day rental from Portland, Maine, to Orlando, Fla., totaled $28. That same route for 14 days (the max rental for the discount) totaled $112.

The companies' reasoning: They have a surplus of rentals cars in the North that they want to get to get to the South for the peak season. According to the parent company that owns the three, discounts start in September for certain cities, while others are added in October and extended through early December.

This cheap rental option may be ideal for snowbirds who already have a car waiting for them at their winter home in the South. But it could also be ideal for others who have been wanting to drive the East Coast. What better way to burn some extra vacation days before the end of the year? You could do the one-way drive down and take a one-way flight back. Low gas prices will make your drive even cheaper. The current national average is $2.34 per gallon of regular. In 2008 we were paying $4.11.

Along your drive south, consider a stop at Great Smoky Mountains National Park, as the scenic views during the fall are amazing. Many cities you’ll pass through are likely running fall specials, as well.

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