Let your mind wander as far as your body will take you. Maybe a high-adventure rafting trip is right up your alley, or perhaps a long weekend of quiet contemplation at a monastery is your cup of (green) tea. Book yourself a week at a low-key spa, or just steal away from home for a day to relax and recharge. Here are five top picks for reflective vacations to soothe your spirit and explore your life.

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Walk, Don't Run — To Discover Your Life's Path: You know how a walk can sometimes clear your head, making everything seem right all of a sudden? And you think, "Gee, sure am glad I didn't drive to the store." Make that fresh outlook last for days on a Backroads walking tour, which layers a camaraderie of like-minded spirits (yes, you're back in camp, but with adults) over hand-picked nature trails with nary a shopping mall in sight—plus leaders who turn "gee" moments into A+ experiences. A six-day tour of Nova Scotia, one of Canada's most scenic Atlantic provinces, takes you along coastal trails, past well-worn lighthouses, and into paintbox-pretty fishing villages. There's even a cruise to the "Ovens," age-old sea caves along the coastline (from $2,598 per person, double, with lodging and almost all meals.) Lobster dinner is a given and included in the price.