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Yellowstone National Park, WY

About Yellowstone National Park, WY



Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

A trip to Yellowstone has been a rich part of the American experience for five generations now. Though it's remote, we come—more than 3,000,000 strong—year after year. When we arrive, we gasp at the incomparable combination of natural beauty, rugged wilderness, majestic peaks, and abundant wildlife. Indescribable geysers, mud pots, fumaroles, and hot springs make this magma-filled pressure cooker of a park unlike any place else on earth. If you're not here for the geysers, chances are that you've come to spot some of the teeming wildlife, from grazing bison to cruising trumpeter swans.

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  • 48° / 24°
  • Avg Temp in October
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Things You Can't Miss

Samantha's Pick Lamar Valley

The spot for serious wildlife watching, all of Yellowstone’s celebrities are here: elk, pronghorn, grizzlies, coyotes and wolves. No autographs, please.

Lamar Valley

Image Credit: Minghua Nie / Getty Images

Samantha's Pick Howdy Hospitality

Stay in one of Yellowstone’s many nearby dude ranches to experience the true culture and cowboy camaraderie of the region.

Howdy Hospitality

Image Credit: Tom Fowlks / Getty Images

Get Cozy at the Old Faithfull Inn

An 85-foot stone fireplace will warm you up as you check into your room at this charming old hotel. Reservations go quickly, so make sure to get in early.

Get Cozy at the Old Faithfull Inn

Image Credit: Karl Weatherly / Getty Images

Feast Your Eyes on the Grand Prismatic Spring

There are many striking sights at Yellowstone National Park, but the Grand Prismatic Spring might be the most striking of them all. Check it out up close.

Feast Your Eyes on the Grand Prismatic Spring

Image Credit: Piriya Photography / Getty Images

Welcome to West Yellowstone, Montana

In need of a slight return to civilization? This quaint little town has all the amenities you need. Find it near the West Gate of Yellowstone National Park.

Welcome to West Yellowstone, Montana

Image Credit: Alison Wright / Getty Images

Stare Up at Mammoth Hot Springs

While the name comes from their impressive size, these hot springs do kind of look like somewhere you’d find prehistoric remains. Remember to bring a camera!

Stare Up at Mammoth Hot Springs

Image Credit: Adam Jones / Getty Images

Smoke Out Firehole River

The geysers that erupt from Firehole River give the illusion of smoke billowing from its basins. Visit in the warmer months for canoeing, fly fishing, and more.

Smoke Out Firehole River

Image Credit: Stewart Sutton / Getty Images

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