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Washington, D.C.



Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

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Washington Monument

Washington Monument

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Alexander Calder Sculpture

Alexander Calder Sculpture

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Washington is a city of vistas—a marriage of geometry and art. Unlike other large cities, it isn't dominated by skyscrapers. The result: The world's first planned capital is also one of its most beautiful.

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Things You Can’t Miss

Samantha's Pick Forks Are So Overrated

Head to U Street for delicious Ethiopian food, which is eaten with your hands by scooping up savory stews with a piece of bread. You’ll love it!

Forks Are So Overrated

Image Credit: Eranyardeni / iStockimage

Samantha's Pick Save a Few Pennies

To save money on a room and avoid a high city tax, stay in Chevy Chase, Md., or Arlington, Va. They’re both on the Metro for a quick trip into D.C.

Save a Few Pennies

Image Credit: Jason Edwards / Getty Images

See It All at the National Mall

The country’s most famous museums, memorials, and monuments are all on show at the National Mall. It goes without saying, but start your sightseeing here.

See It All at the National Mall

Image Credit: Glowimages / Getty Images

Visit the National Museum of American History

When it comes to American history, there is a lot to cover, but this museum doesn’t cut corners. See some of the 3 million artifacts in their collection.

Visit the National Museum of American History

Image Credit: G. Jackson / Arcaid / Corbis

Take Some Snaps at the National Arboretum

The 446 acres of this arboretum are enough to keep any budding photographer occupied. Visit in spring to see over 70 varieties of Cherry Trees in bloom.

Take Some Snaps at the National Arboretum

Image Credit: Joseph Sohm / Visions of America / Corbis

Catch a Show and a History Lesson at Ford’s Theatre

As you may know, this theater was where President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865. The still-working theater now serves as a fascinating monument.

Catch a Show and a History Lesson at Ford’s Theatre

Image Credit: Bettmann / Corbis

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