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Warm Springs



Warm Springs, GA restaurant

Warm Springs, GA restaurant

Warm Springs GA

FDR's Little White House

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Warm Springs, GA bar

Warm Springs, GA bar

Renowned for centuries for the supposed healing properties of its thermal waters, Warm Springs is where the Creek Indians brought their wounded warriors when all other treatments had failed. In the early 1920s news spread that a young Columbus native and polio victim, Louis Joseph, had made a dramatic recovery after extensive therapy in the springs. Word reached Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882–1945), who had contracted polio, and a 20-year relationship began between him and this remote mountain village, where he built a cottage for his visits that came to be known as the Little White House. Roosevelt's experiences here led to the effort to eradicate polio around the world through the founding of the March of Dimes, and his encounters with his poor rural neighbors fueled ideas for his Depression-era New Deal recovery programs. After Roosevelt's death, the town fell on hard times, but an influx of crafts and antiques shops in the 1980s has revitalized Warm Springs.

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Things You Can't Miss

Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Little White House

The modest six-room cottage features the “Unfinished Portrait” that Roosevelt was posing for when he suffered a massive stroke and died in 1945.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Little White House

Image Credit: Dave G. Houser / Alamy

Warm Springs Regional Fisheries Center

Native Georgia fish are displayed in an aquarium and large ponds. The center plays a critical role in keeping Georgia’s fish populations strong.

Warm Springs Regional Fisheries Center

Image Credit: Getty Images

Jump in the Spring-Fed Liberty Bell Pool

Trails in FDR State Park lead to unusual rock outcroppings and cascading waterfalls. Don’t miss the pool, built by the Civilian Conservation Corps.

Jump in the Spring-Fed Liberty Bell Pool

Image Credit: RayArt Graphics / Alamy

Drive Across Historic Imlac Bridge

Nine miles south of Warm Springs you’ll find this beautiful covered bridge, designed in the 1840s by freed slave Horace King.

Drive Across Historic Imlac Bridge

Image Credit: AP Photo

Butts Mill Farm — A Haven for Fun

The Smith family built this farm in the 1830s. Today, the whole family can choose from over 20 attractions, including paintball and horseback riding.

Butts Mill Farm — A Haven for Fun

Image Credit: Getty Images

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