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St. Michaels

About St. Michaels



St. Michael's, MD

St. Michael's, MD

St. Michael's, MD

Oxford Bellevue Ferry

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St. Michael's, MD

St. Michael's, MD

St. Michaels, once a shipbuilding center, is today one of the region's premier leisure-time destinations. Its ever-growing popularity has resulted in more and more shops, caf├ęs, waterfront restaurants, and inns. In warmer months, tourists and boaters crowd its narrow streets and snug harbor. Talbot Street is lined with restaurants, galleries, and all manner of shops, including a hardware store that doubles as a retro gift shop.Stroll between Mill Street, the lane to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, and Willow Street, or head just beyond to Canton Alley Artiste Locale, Broken Rudder Sportswear, Chesapeake Trading Company, and The Minds Eye Craft Collection cut.

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Things You Can't Miss

Celebrate the Bay

The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum introduces visitors to the rich human and aquatic life of the bay. Don't miss the unique Hooper Strait Lighthouse.

Celebrate the Bay

Image Credit: Walter Bibikow/JAI/Corbis

Eastern Shore Main Street

Quaint shops and galleries line Talbot Street in downtown St. Michaels. Bistro St. Michaels will give you a taste of local produce and seafood.

Eastern Shore Main Street

Image Credit: Nick Hanna/Alamy

Meet Frederick Douglass

The St. Michaels Museum leads walking tours about the life of abolitionist Frederick Douglass, who lived in St. Michaels while still a slave.

Meet Frederick Douglass

Image Credit: Scott Warren/Alamy

Bottle or Glass

Sample local beer at Eastern Shore Brewing. A couple of doors down, the St. Michaels Winery has a tasting bar. No reservations needed.

Bottle or Glass

Image Credit: Alamy

End of the Road

Follow Route 33 for 14 miles to Tilghman Island. Just 2.8 square miles, it's where you'll find old-fashioned crab houses among the skipjacks.

End of the Road

Image Credit: Susan Isakson/Alamy

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