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San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge

Photo Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

San Francisco


Photo Credit: Getty Images

San Francisco

Alamo Square

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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Welcome to San Francisco, CA

San Francisco makes it wonderfully easy to tap into the Good Life. Between the hot arts scene, the tempting boutiques, the awesome bay views, and all those stellar, locally focused restaurants and wine bars, it's the perfect place to indulge. Explore

  • Weekend Getaways

    Our 42-hour vacation itineraries are tailored to your interests-- from arts-and-culture escapes to outdoor adventures. Find out how far you can go in just 3 hours-- or less!
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  • Restaurants

    You can find just about any food in San Francisco, a place where trends are set and culinary diversity rules....
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  • Hotels

    San Francisco serves up a dizzying array of lodging choices: cozy inns, kitschy motels, chic boutiques, dependable...
    Read More
  • Nightlife

    After hours, business folk and the working class give way to costume-clad partygoers, hippies and hipsters, downtown...
    Read More
  • Shopping

    From its grand department stores to its funky secondhand boutiques, San Francisco summons a full range of shopping...
    Read More
  • Entertainment

    Sophisticated, offbeat, and often ahead of the curve, San Francisco's performing-arts scene supports world-class...
    Read More
  • Activities

    San Francisco has a variety of sports activities for the spectator or active participant.
    Read More
  • Places To Explore

    Here are a few of the must-see spots to get familiar with San Francisco.
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  • Travel Tips

    Plan your visit using our simple itineraries, forecasts, transportaion tools, contacts...
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Things You Can’t Miss

Samantha's Pick Golden Gate Park Has WHAT?!?

A herd of roaming bison. Brought to San Francisco in 1891 to save this American icon from extinction, it’s a view of our Wild West roots.

Golden Gate Park Has WHAT?!?

Image Credit: Ron Levine / Getty Images

Samantha's Pick The Ferry Building

Start at one end of this amazing foodie paradise and walk to the other eating at every cheese shop, bakery and gourmet food counter along the way.

The Ferry Building

Image Credit: Dorin_S / iStockphoto

Samantha's Pick I Hear It's Hilly

I like to stay close to the harbor — that way after a long day of walking up steep inclines, the way back to my hotel is all downhill.

I Hear It's Hilly

Image Credit: Ernest Y. Koe / Getty Images

Explore the de Young Museum

San Francisco’s oldest museum has a new home—a striking copper-clad home that has more than brought it up with the times. Check out the renowned collection.

Explore the de Young Museum

Image Credit: Roberto Soncin Gerometta / Getty Images

Catch the Big Leagues at AT&T Park

Feast on hot dogs and beer as you watch the World Series-winning Giants take on the visitors at AT&T Park. With any luck, you’ll see some homeruns, too!

Catch the Big Leagues at AT&T Park

Image Credit: Roberto Soncin Gerometta / Getty Images

Let Fisherman’s Wharf Reel You In

Follow the barks of the sea lions to Fisherman’s Wharf—a historic bayside neighborhood known for its tourist sights and freshly caught Dungeness crabs.

Let Fisherman’s Wharf Reel You In

Image Credit: FotoVoyager / Getty Images

California Academy of Sciences

The California Academy of Sciences in the heart of Golden Gate Park houses an aquarium, a planetarium, a natural history museum and a four-story tropical rainforest.

California Academy of Sciences

Image Credit: Courtesy California Academy of Sciences

Escape to Alcatraz

No one was ever known to escape “The Rock” in its 29 years as a federal prison, but now a ferry ride makes a day trip — or a spooky night tour — easy.

Escape to Alcatraz

Image Credit: Curved Light/Alamy

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