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Portland, OR



Hawthorne Bridge

Hawthorne Bridge

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Downtown Portland

Downtown Portland

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Aybala Mediterranean Grill

Aybala Mediterranean Grill 

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What distinguishes Portland, Oregon, from the rest of America's cityscapes? Or from the rest of the world's urban destinations for that matter? In a Northwest nutshell: everything. For some, it's the wealth of cultural offerings and never-ending culinary choices; for others, it's Portland's proximity to the ocean and mountains, or simply the beauty of having all these attributes in one place.

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Things You Can't Miss

Shopping and Nightlife in the Pearl District

Restaurants, art galleries, boutiques and popular parks make this former industrial area near downtown one of Portland’s major entertainment centers.

Shopping and Nightlife in the Pearl District

Image Credit: Craig Tuttle/Design Pics/Corbis

An Amazing Array of Street Food

Portland’s more than 600 food carts ensure you’re never far from street eats. Try the famed selection at SW Alder Street and 10th Avenue downtown.

An Amazing Array of Street Food

Image Credit: Anthony Pidgeon / Alamy

A Magnificent Mansion With a Stunning View

Located high in Portland’s West Hills area, the 1914 Pittock Mansion has 23 rooms of fine art and furnishings and an unparalleled vista of the city.

A Magnificent Mansion With a Stunning View

Image Credit: age fotostock / Alamy

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Five halls of interactive exhibits entertain and instruct kids and adults. Take in a show at the planetarium or tour a retired U.S. Navy submarine.

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Image Credit: Andre Jenny / Alamy

Samantha's Pick It’s One of the Nation’s Great Urban Parks

The 5,100 acres of Washington Park encompass the Oregon Zoo, a fabulous rose garden, an arboretum, a lovely Japanese garden and 12 miles of trails.

It’s One of the Nation’s Great Urban Parks

Image Credit: Alamy

Powell’s City of Books Is a Reader’s Dream

Covering an entire city block, this literary wonderland has more than 1.5 million books, making it the world’s largest private used and new bookstore.

Powell’s City of Books Is a Reader’s Dream

Image Credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images

Samantha's Pick The 811 East Burnside Building

Remember when things were handmade and unique? Hundreds of artists showcase goods that make everyday items for your home much more special.

The 811 East Burnside Building

Image Credit: Getty Images

Samantha's Pick A Little Bird Told Me

The Little Bird Bistro offers excellent “early and late” specials on food, wine and cocktails from 3 to 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. to midnight.

A Little Bird Told Me

Image Credit: David Reamer

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