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Welcome to The City of Brotherly Love

Philadelphia continues on its upward trend of development in terms of new construction, a restaurant renaissance, and a cultural revival. The city rests its heels on an impressive past, and thanks to aggressive civic leadership and a close-knit local community, it continues to push toward an exciting future. And in many ways, it's only started to realize its potential. - Copyright © 2014 by Fodor’s Travel, a division of Random House, LLC. All rights reserved. Explore

Things You Can’t Miss

Samantha's Pick The Eastern State Penitentiary

What do a 30-foot barrel-vaulted hallways, unrepentant ghosts and Al Capone have in common? This fascinating historic prison. Don’t miss a tour.

The Eastern State Penitentiary

Image Credit: Sky Noir Photography by Bill Dickinson / Getty Images

Samantha's Pick Meals on Wheels

Philly was years ahead of the food truck trend, and the U. Penn area is where you’ll find over 50 trucks serving exciting food from around the world.

Meals on Wheels

Image Credit: Tororo / Getty Images

Samantha's Pick The Best of Both Worlds

I love staying on or near Rittenhouse Square. The leafy park planned by William Penn is distinctly American and yet has a European feel.

The Best of Both Worlds

Image Credit: Franz Marc Frei / Getty Images

Pay a Visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art

If you don’t mind the lines, Pay What You Wish Wednesday Nights are a great deal for one of the best museums in the country—the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Pay a Visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Image Credit: Adam Crowley / Getty Images

Get a Bird’s Eye View at Morris Arboretum

Go birding at ground level, or cheat a little, and do it from 50 feet in the air with the Out on a Limb canopy walk at Morris Arboretum in Chestnut Hill.

Get a Bird’s Eye View at Morris Arboretum

Image Credit: Tania A. Chau / Getty Images

See the Sights of Independence National Historic Park

America’s most historic square mile contains the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and dozens other cultural sites you should probably get some photos of.

See the Sights of Independence National Historic Park

Image Credit: David Sucsy / Getty Images

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