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Olympic National Park, WA

About Olympic National Park, WA



Olympic National Park, WA

Olympic National Park, WA

Olympic National Park, WA

Olympic National Park, WA

Olympic National Park, WA

Olympic National Park, WA

A spellbinding setting is tucked into the country's far-northwestern corner, within the heart-shaped Olympic Peninsula. Edged on all sides by water, the forested landscape is remote and pristine, and works its way around the sharpened ridges of the snow-capped Olympic Mountains. Big lakes cut pockets of blue in the rugged blanket of pine forests, and hot springs gurgle up from the foothills. Along the coast the sights are even more enchanting: wave-sculpted boulders, tidal pools teeming with sea life, and tree-topped sea stacks. - Copyright © 2014 by Fodor’s Travel, a division of Random House, LLC. All rights reserved.

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  • Avg Temp in September
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Things You Can't Miss

A Viewpoint in the Sky at Hurricane Ridge

This 17-mile road ascends nearly a mile in elevation to a visitor center with spectacular vistas of snowy mountains and the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

A Viewpoint in the Sky at Hurricane Ridge

Image Credit: Wild Horizons/UIG via Getty Images

Rialto Beach: Easy Access to Beauty

Take a ranger-led nature walk to discover the fascinating world of sea anemones, starfish, sea urchins, crabs and other tide-pool creatures.

Rialto Beach: Easy Access to Beauty

Image Credit: Spring Images / Alamy

Where Land Meets Ocean With Dramatic Intensity

A half-hour walk leads to Cape Flattery’s shoreline featuring rocky cliffs and sea stacks. Watch offshore for whales, puffins, seals and sea otters.

Where Land Meets Ocean With Dramatic Intensity

Image Credit: iStockphoto

Crescent Lake Scenery Never Disappoints

After admiring (or paddling on) this lovely deep-blue lake, take the 0.8-mile trail to Marymere Falls, which plunges 90 feet into a rock-sided chasm.

Crescent Lake Scenery Never Disappoints

Image Credit: Aaron Mccoy/Getty Images

Few Places Are Greener Than the Hoh Rain Forest

Watch for elk as you drive to this park woodland, where mosses and ferns create scenes of incredible lushness and easy trails invite exploration.

Few Places Are Greener Than the Hoh Rain Forest

Image Credit: Boyd & Evans/Corbis

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