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Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN

About Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN



Minneapolis Cityscape

Minneapolis Cityscape

Minnesota State Capitol

Minnesota State Capitol

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Minnesotans may be too nice to claim the Twin Cities as the "Minne-Apple," rivaling New York City, but there's a reason the name stuck. The Cities offer an extensive repertoire of cultural events, putting it on par with other major destinations around the U.S. In fact Minneapolis has more theater seats per capita than any other U.S. city, only beat by the true Big Apple.The year 2005 ushered in a cultural rebirth for the Twin Cities, beginning with Swiss architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron's bold aluminum addition to the acclaimed modern art Walker Art Center. The following year the downtown Minneapolis Central Library opened in a light-filled space designed by Cesar Pelli, and the venerable Guthrie Theater relocated to a dramatic structure on the Mississippi River by renowned French architect Jean Nouvel. Not to be left out of the action, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts recently expanded with a Michael Graves-designed new wing.Whether you're looking for highbrow sophistication or a quiet picnic on the Chain of Lakes, the Twin Cities has something for everyone.

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Things You Can’t Miss

Samantha's Pick Three Feet of Snow? Temperatures in the 90s?

Use the Skyway! A network of enclosed pedestrian bridges that cuts through buildings across the city and spans 11 miles connecting 69 city blocks!

Three Feet of Snow? Temperatures in the 90s?

Image Credit: Photosbyjim / iStockphoto

Samantha's Pick Nothing Bizarre About It

I would definitely hightail it to Andrew Zimmern’s Canteen gourmet food truck, for the cabrito sausage grinder and cabbage slaw.

Nothing Bizarre About It

Image Credit: Rudisill / iStockphoto

Visit the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden Year-Round

See how the art installations of Minneapolis Sculpture Garden reflect light on a summer’s day, and take on new forms when covered with fresh winter snow.

Visit the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden Year-Round

Image Credit: Barry Winiker / Getty Images

Shop and Awe at Mall of America

With the world’s largest indoor theme park, and a 1.2 million gallon aquarium among the attractions at the Mall of America, it’s really unlike any other.

Shop and Awe at Mall of America

Image Credit: Barry Winiker / Getty Images

Visit the Wonderful Minneapolis Institute of Arts

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts is a must-see on the city’s cultural circuit. Admission is free, so you really have no excuse not to check it out.

Visit the Wonderful Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Image Credit: Barry Winiker / Getty Images

See St. Anthony Falls On foot

The best way to see St. Anthony Falls is with the self-guided walking tour, discovering the history of the spectacular locks and dams as you go.

See St. Anthony Falls On foot

Image Credit: Elena Kovalevich / Getty Images

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