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Miami Beach

Photo Credit: Image Source / Getty Images

Art Deco District

Photo Credit: Pgiam / Getty Images

Photo Credit: Ferran Traite Soler / Getty Images

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Welcome to Miami

Three-quarters of a century after the art deco movement, Miami remains one of the world's trendiest and flashiest hot spots. Luckily for visitors, South Beach is no longer the only place to stand and pose in Miami. North of downtown Miami's megamakeover, the growing Wynwood and Design districts—along with nearby Midtown—are home to Miami's hipster and fashionista scenes, and South Beach continues to extend both north and west, with the addition of new venues north of 20th Street and along the bay on West Avenue. Following the reopening of the mammoth Fontainebleau and its enclave of nightclubs and restaurants along Mid-Beach, other globally renowned resorts have moved into the neighborhood, like the Soho Beach House and Canyon Ranch. Explore

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    Our 42-hour vacation itineraries are tailored to your interests-- from arts-and-culture escapes to outdoor adventures. Find out how far you can go in just 3 hours-- or less!
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  • Sights

    If you'd arrived here 50 years ago with a guidebook in hand, chances are you'd be thumbing through listings looking...
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  • Restaurants

    Miami's restaurant scene has exploded in the last few years, with dozens of great new restaurants springing up...
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  • Hotels

    Room rates in Miami tend to swing wildly. In high season, which is January through May, expect to pay at least...
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  • Nightlife

    One of Greater Miami's most popular pursuits is bar-hopping. Bars range from intimate enclaves to showy see-and-be-seen...
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  • Shopping

    Miami teems with sophisticated shopping malls and the bustling avenues of commercial neighborhoods. But this is...
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  • Activities

    Miami has a variety of sports activities for the spectator or active participant.
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  • Places To Explore

    Here are a few of the must-see spots to get familiar with Miami.
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    Plan your visit using our simple itineraries, forecasts, transportaion tools, contacts...
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Things You Can’t Miss

Samantha's Pick The World's Largest Vintage Clothing Store

C. Madeleine's is laid out by decades for a fabulous trip down fashion's memory lane. Because you’ve always regretted throwing out your go-go boots.

The World's Largest Vintage Clothing Store

Image Credit: Visit Britain / Britain On View / Getty Images

Samantha's Pick A Trip to Haiti

Avoid the see-and-be-seen restaurants and get a table at the unpretentious yet fabulous Tap Tap, serving fantastic Haitian food in a vibrant atmosphere.

A Trip to Haiti

Image Credit: Joe Potato Photo / iStockphoto

Samantha's Pick A 1930s Stay

Art deco is my favorite design style, and so while in Miami I never miss a chance to stay in the art deco mecca, South Beach. The hotels make me smile.

A 1930s Stay

Image Credit: Rene Frederick / Getty Images

See the Sights of South Beach

Known for celebrity sightings and wild nightlife, South Beach is one of Miami’s most popular tourist destinations. Walk down Collins Ave and take it all in.

See the Sights of South Beach

Image Credit: Peter Phipp / Getty Images

Go Exploring in the Wynwood Arts District

This growing neighborhood is now home to over 70 galleries. See how many you can get to with the Wynward Art Walk, on the second Saturday of every month.

Go Exploring in the Wynwood Arts District

Image Credit: Phillip Jones / Getty Image

Enjoy Perfect Conditions at Marlins Park

It could be a torrential downpour outside and the Marlins would still take to the field at this retractable-roofed ballpark. Get your tickets and stay dry.

Enjoy Perfect Conditions at Marlins Park

Image Credit: Scott B Smith Photography / Getty Images

Play 90 Holes at Doral Golf Resort & Spa

It may be hard to choose between the five world-class golf courses on offer at Doral Golf Resort & Spa. Then again, you could just do a round at each.

Play 90 Holes at Doral Golf Resort & Spa

Image Credit: Chris Cheadle / Getty Images

Leave the Crowded Beaches Behind

Arrive early for the sunrise at South Pointe Park; enjoy views of the city skyline and then the parade of cruise ships departing the Port of Miami.

Leave the Crowded Beaches Behind

Image Credit: Walter Bibikow/Corbis

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