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Honolulu Oahu

About Honolulu Oahu









Here is Hawaii's only true metropolis, its seat of government, center of commerce and shipping, entertainment and recreation mecca, a historic site, and an evolving urban area—conflicting roles that engender endless debate and controversy. For the visitor, Honolulu is an everyman's delight: hipsters and scholars, sightseers and foodies, nature lovers and culture vultures all can find their bliss.Once there was the broad bay of Mamala and the narrow inlet of Kou, fronting a dusty plain occupied by a few thatched houses and the great Pakaka heiau (shrine). Nosing into the narrow passage in the early 1790s, British sea captain William Brown named the port Fair Haven. Later, Hawaiians would call it Honolulu, or "sheltered bay." As shipping traffic increased, the settlement grew into a Western-style town of streets and buildings, tightly clustered around the single freshwater source, Nuuanu Stream. Not until piped water became available in the early 1900s did Honolulu spread across the greening plain. Long before that, however, Honolulu gained importance when King Kamehameha I reluctantly abandoned his home on the Big Island to build a chiefly compound near the harbor in 1804 to better protect Hawaiian interests from the Western incursion.Two hundred years later, the entire island is, in a sense, Honolulu—the City and County of Honolulu. The city has no official boundaries, extending across the flatlands from Pearl Harbor to Waikiki and high into the hills behind.The main areas (Waikiki, Pearl Harbor, Downtown, Chinatown) have the lion's share of the sights, but greater Honolulu also has a lot to offer. One reason to venture farther afield is the chance to glimpse Honolulu's residential neighborhoods. Species of classic Hawaii homes include the tiny green-and-white plantation-era house with its corrugated tin roof, two windows flanking a central door and small porch; the breezy bungalow with its swooping Thai-style roofline and two wings flanking screened French doors through which breezes blow into the living room. Note the tangled "Grandma-style" gardens and many ohana houses—small homes in the backyard of a larger home or built as apartments perched over the garage, allowing extended families to live together. Carports, which rarely house cars, are the island's version of rec rooms, where parties are held and neighbors sit to "talk story." Sometimes you see gallon jars on the flat roofs of garages or carports: these are pickled lemons fermenting in the sun. Also in the neighborhoods, you find the folksy restaurants and takeout spots favored by the islanders.

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Things You Can’t Miss

Samantha's Pick How to Speak Hawaiian

With regard to whatever you eat while in Hawaii, if you like it, you don’t say "it's good," you say it “broke da mouth!”

How to Speak Hawaiian

Image Credit: Boston Globe / Getty Images

Samantha's Pick A Room With a View

With six islands and thousands of hotels, where to stay in Hawaii? As close to the beach as you can. You’ve waited so long to go, do it right.

A Room With a View

Image Credit: Andrew Watson / Getty Images

Take in the Views of Lēʻahi

For something a little different, why not spend the afternoon hiking around a 760-foot volcanic crater? Lēʻahi is otherworldly—a spectacular site to behold.

Take in the Views of Lēʻahi

Image Credit: Ann Cecil / Getty Images

Go for a Round at Pearl Country Club

What better way to unwind from the hustle and bustle of tropical paradise than with 18 holes of golf? Pearl Country Club is one of O’ahu’s premier courses.

Go for a Round at Pearl Country Club

Image Credit: Dougal Waters / Getty Images

Don’t Miss This Expansive Museum

The five halls of the Bishop Museum include Hawaiian art and artifacts, natural-history displays, a three-story simulated volcano and a planetarium.

Don’t Miss This Expansive Museum

Image Credit: John Elk / Getty Images

Pearl Harbor Honors U.S. Pacific Forces

Visit the USS Arizona Memorial, commemorating the battleship sunk in a surprise attack, and the USS Missouri, where Japan formally surrendered.

Pearl Harbor Honors U.S. Pacific Forces

Image Credit: iStockphoto

Diamond Head: Iconic Panorama of Oahu

Start early to avoid crowds and heat on the 0.8-mile walk to the crest of this volcanic crater. Your reward is a fantastic view of Honolulu’s shore.

Diamond Head: Iconic Panorama of Oahu

Image Credit: age fotostock / Alamy

Explore the North Shore — Oahu’s Quieter Side

Watch expert surfers ride huge waves in winter. In summer, swim or sunbathe on gorgeous beaches such as Waimea, Sunset and Bayview.

Explore the North Shore — Oahu’s Quieter Side

Image Credit: Universal Images Group Limited / Alamy

Shopping, Art and Cuisine in Chinatown

This historic and colorful district in downtown Honolulu bustles with restaurants, produce markets, art galleries and specialty boutiques.

Shopping, Art and Cuisine in Chinatown

Image Credit: Jon Hicks/Corbis

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