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Welcome to Dallas, TX

Many people visit Dallas because of the city's tragic legacy as the assassination site of President John F. Kennedy. Dallas has learned to accept its role in history, offering a museum that pays tribute to JFK's life and legacy and restoring the memorial in his honor. But the city is also learning how to entertain and charm its visitors. Beyond the Schoolbook Depository and the Grassy Knoll, visitors will find an evolving Arts District, flashy Victory Park, a couple of entertainment districts, an improving Downtown, neighborhoods filled with notable architecture and beautiful landscaping, and myriad shopping and dining opportunities.The city offers the quintessential Lone Star experience to those who want it -- barbecue and steaks, cowboy boots and live country music at Gilley's. However, Dallas is not stuck in the past. The city practically invented high-end department store shopping with Neiman Marcus, and an impressively sized Arts District. Head to Dallas to see the Texas you read about as a kid, but be prepared for a grown-up surprise. - Copyright © 2014 by Fodor’s Travel, a division of Random House, LLC. All rights reserved. Explore

Things You Can’t Miss

Samantha's Pick Walking With the Locals

Join the healthy people of Dallas and head to the Katy Trail, a lovely and leafy paved trail that cuts through the downtown and connects its larger parks.

Walking With the Locals

Image Credit: Anna Dykema Photography / Getty Images

Samantha's Pick Expensive and Worth It

Dallas has its share of star chefs, but I love the food of Dean Fearing. He’s a kind man with a huge heart, and you can taste that in every dish he makes.

Expensive and Worth It

Image Credit: Catherine Ledner Photography / Getty Images

Samantha's Pick A Stylish Stay

I love to stay where I can window-shop and dream my way into a more sophisticated wardrobe. Oak Lawn and its shops are glamour central, Dallas style.

A Stylish Stay

Image Credit: Giorgio Fochesato / Getty Images

Shop History at Highland Park Village

Who said shopping isn’t a cultural experience? Obviously not someone who’s been to Highland Park Village—the country's first self-contained shopping center.

Shop History at Highland Park Village

Image Credit: Richard Cummins / Corbis

Flutter by Texas Discovery Gardens

A highlight of this 7.5-acre botanical garden is the tropical Butterfly House & Insectarium. Be there at noon for the release of newly emerged specimens.

Flutter by Texas Discovery Gardens

Image Credit: Patricia Ramos / Getty Images

When in Mesquite, go to the Mesquite Pro-Rodeo

Just outside Dallas lies the proud home of all things rodeo. Put on a ten-gallon hat and get there early for a fitting pre-rodeo meal in the BBQ pavilion.

When in Mesquite, go to the Mesquite Pro-Rodeo

Image Credit: Nicholas J Reid / Getty Images

Look Around the Old Red Museum

You can't miss this striking sandstone building, which originally served as the Dallas County Courthouse, and is now a fascinating museum of local history.

Look Around the Old Red Museum

Image Credit: Russel Kord / Photononstop / Corbis

Be Amazed at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science

The recently unveiled new home of the Perot Museum is a truly eye-catching addition to Dallas. Venture inside, and interact with the wonderful exhibits.

Be Amazed at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Image Credit: LM Otero / AP / Corbis

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