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Columbia, SC

South Carolina State House

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Columbia, SC

Columbia, SC

Columbia, SC

South Carolina State House

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Old as Columbia may be, trendy and collegiate neighborhoods have given the city an edge. The symphony, two professional ballet companies, several theaters that stage live—and often locally written—productions, and a number of engaging museums keep culture alive. The city is a sprawling blend of modern office blocks, suburban neighborhoods, and the occasional antebellum home. Here, too, is the expansive main campus of the University of South Carolina. Out of town, 550-acre Lake Murray is full of pontoon boats and Jet Skis, and Congaree Swamp National Park is waiting to be explored.In 1786 South Carolina's capital was moved from Charleston to Columbia, along the banks of the Congaree River. One of the nation's first planned cities, Columbia has streets that are among the widest in America, because it was then thought that stagnant air in narrow streets fostered the spread of malaria. The city soon grew into a center of political, commercial, and cultural activity, but in early 1865 General William Tecumseh Sherman invaded South Carolina and incinerated two-thirds of Columbia. A few homes, public buildings, and historic sights were spared. The First Baptist Church, where secession was declared, still stands because a janitor directed Sherman's troops to a Presbyterian church instead.

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Things You Can't Miss

Sherman Was Here

General Sherman's troops marched through Columbia while the State House was under construction. Bronze stars mark where Union artillery hit.

Sherman Was Here

Image Credit: Sean Pavone/Alamy


Supersize a visit to Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens with an adventure tour that gives you close-up views of big cats, elephants and flamingos.


Image Credit: Courtesy Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens

Floodplain Forest

Paddle through bottomland forest in Congaree National Park. Guided kayak tours are available, or you can BYOC (bring your own canoe).

Floodplain Forest

Image Credit: Getty Images

South Carolina-Style BBQ

Maurice's Piggie Park has been serving up pit barbecue in Columbia since 1953. Maurice's South Carolina-style golden sauce is mustard-based.

South Carolina-Style BBQ

Image Credit: Alamy

Art at the University of South Carolina

McKissick Museum on the Horseshoe exhibits documentary materials and art and artifacts focused on culture, natural science, and decorative and fine arts.

Art at the University of South Carolina

Image Credit: Mike Perry/Alamy

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