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Colorado Springs

About Colorado Springs



Colorado Springs, CO

United States Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel

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Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs, CO

The contented residents of the Colorado Springs area believe they live in an ideal location, and it's hard to argue with them. To the west the Rockies form a majestic backdrop. To the east the plains stretch for miles. Taken together, the setting ensures a mild, sunny climate year-round, and makes skiing and golfing on the same day feasible with no more than a two- or three-hour drive. You don't have to choose between adventures here: you can climb the Collegiate Peaks one day and go white-water rafting on the Arkansas River the next.The state's second-largest city, it has a strong cultural scene, between the outstanding Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, the Colorado Springs Philharmonic, and the variety of plays and musicals offered at several independent theaters.The region abounds in natural and man-made wonders, from the red sandstone monoliths of the Garden of the Gods to the space-age architecture of the U.S. Air Force Academy's Cadet Chapel. The most indelible landmark is unquestionably Pikes Peak (14,115 feet); after seeing the view from the peak, Katharine Lee Bates penned "America the Beautiful." Pikes Peak is a constant reminder that this contemporary city is still close to nature. Purple in the early morning, snow-packed after winter storms, capped with clouds on windy days, the mountain is a landmark for directions and, when needed, a focus of contemplation.

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  • 82° / 56°
  • Avg Temp in August
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Things You Can't Miss

Take a Spin Through the Commonwheel

This co-op features the creations of Colorado artists—from jewelry and clothing to glass art and sculpture. Pick up a gift certificate for online shopping.

Take a Spin Through the Commonwheel

Image Credit: Judith Kimbrell/Commonwheel Artists Co-op

World’s Highest Cog Train

The Pikes Peak train chugs up above the timberline to the top of Pikes Peak where, on a clear day, you may see the Denver skyline, some 70 miles away.

World’s Highest Cog Train

Image Credit: iStock

Garden of the Gods

Hike or ride among the red-sandstone formations of this public park. Or see a movie that covers millions of years of geology in less than 20 minutes.

Garden of the Gods

Image Credit: iStock

Cave of the Winds

A 45-minute tour brings you up close to stalactites, stalagmites, flowstone and cave coral formations. The lantern tour lasts an hour and a half.

Cave of the Winds

Image Credit: David Muench/Corbis

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

There’s a carousel here from the 1932 World’s Fair. A side trip gets you to the five-story Will Rogers Shrine, dedicated to America’s favorite cowboy.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Image Credit: Denver Post/Getty Images

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