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The Rotunda, University of Virginia

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Istock


Downtown Mall

Photo Credit: Alamy


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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Welcome to Charlottesville

Charlottesville is still Jefferson's city, focused on Monticello and the University of Virginia. The downtown pedestrian mall, a brick-paved street of restored buildings that stretches along six blocks of Main Street, is the central hub for humans and canines alike. Outdoor restaurants and caf├ęs, concerts, street vendors, and impromptu theatrical events keep things lively. Explore

  • Nightlife

    For listings of cultural events, music, and movies, and a guide to restaurants, pick up a free copy of the C-Ville...
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  • Shopping

    Charlottesville, at heart an academic community, supports a large number of independent bookstores, especially...
    Read More
  • Activities

    Charlottesville has a variety of sports activities for the spectator or active participant.
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  • Travel Tips

    Plan your visit using our simple itineraries, forecasts, transportaion tools, contacts...
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Things You Can't Miss

On the Back of Your Nickel

Get the full measure of Thomas Jefferson at Monticello. Tour Jefferson's mountaintop mansion and gardens, and visit his final resting place.

On the Back of Your Nickel

Image Credit: Bob Stefko/Getty Images

Mr. Jefferson's University

The third U.S. president conceived the University of Virginia and oversaw its construction. Start your campus tour at the Rotunda, which he designed.

Mr. Jefferson's University

Image Credit: Rainer Kiedrowski/Arcaid/Corbis

Nice Neighborhood

From Monticello, visit James Monroe's Ash Lawn-Highland farmhouse and James Madison's grander Montpelier. Dolley's hostess talents are on display.

Nice Neighborhood

Image Credit: Lee Snider/Photo Images/Corbis

Walk and Watch

Charlottesville's pedestrian mall is a pleasure to visit any evening. Slip into a seat at the Paramount Theater, which features movies and live shows.

Walk and Watch

Image Credit: Jason O. Watson/Alamy

Monticello Wine Trail

More than 30 wineries stretch across the hills from Barboursville to Afton, and most - even Donald Trump's - offer tastings and tours.

Monticello Wine Trail

Image Credit: Cephas Picture Library/Alamy

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