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The Battery

The Battery

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Wandering through the city's famous Historic District, you would swear it is a movie set. Dozens of church steeples punctuate the low skyline, and horse-drawn carriages pass centuries-old mansions and town houses, their stately salons offering a crystal-laden and parquet-floored version of Southern comfort. Outside, magnolia-filled gardens overflow with carefully tended heirloom plants. At first glance, the city resembles an 18th-century etching come to life—but look closer and you'll see that block after block of old structures have been restored. Happily, after three centuries of wars, epidemics, fires, and hurricanes, Charleston has prevailed and is now one of the South's best-preserved cities.Although home to Fort Sumter, where the bloodiest war in the nation's history began, Charleston is also famed for its elegant houses. These handsome mansions are showcases for the "Charleston style," a distinctive look that is reminiscent of the West Indies, and for good reason. Before coming to the Carolinas in the late 17th century, many early British colonists first settled on Barbados and other Caribbean islands. In that warm and humid climate they built homes with high ceilings and rooms opening onto broad "piazzas" (porches) at each level to catch welcome sea breezes. As a result, to quote the words of the Duc de La Rochefoucauld, who visited in 1796, "One does not boast in Charleston of having the most beautiful house, but the coolest."Preserved through the hard times that followed the Civil War and an array of natural disasters, many of Charleston's earliest public and private buildings still stand. Thanks to a rigorous preservation movement and strict Board of Architectural Review guidelines, the city's new structures blend in with the old. In many cases, recycling is the name of the game—antique handmade bricks literally lay the foundation for new homes. But although locals do dwell—on certain literal levels—in the past, the city is very much a town of today.Take, for instance, the internationally heralded Spoleto Festival USA. For 17 days every spring, arts patrons from around the world come to enjoy international concerts, dance performances, operas, and plays at various venues citywide. Day in and day out, diners can feast at upscale restaurants, shoppers can look for museum-quality paintings and antiques, and lovers of the outdoors can explore Charleston's outlying beaches, parks, and marshes. But as cosmopolitan as the city has become, it's still the South, and just beyond the city limits are farm stands cooking up boiled peanuts, the state's official snack.

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Things You Can't Miss

Two Forts, Two Wars

Ferry to Fort Sumter, where the first shots of the Civil War were fired. Then visit Fort Moultrie, site of a pivotal Revolutionary War battle.

Two Forts, Two Wars

Image Credit: Getty Images

Get Your Tickets as Early as December

Each summer, for 17 days, music, dance, poetry and film light up the stages, churches and streets of Charleston during the Spoleto Festival USA.

Get Your Tickets as Early as December

Image Credit: Reuters/Corbis

Landscaped Artistry in Every Season

At Middleton Place, the oldest landscaped garden in the country, camellias bloom in winter, azaleas in spring. Tour the stately 1755 manor house.

Landscaped Artistry in Every Season

Image Credit: Nik Wheeler/Alamy

Low Country Specialty

The city's seafood can't be missed. Dine on raw, fried and baked oysters - check out The Ordinary and Amen Street, in the heart of historic downtown.

Low Country Specialty

Image Credit: Darryl Brooks/Alamy

Charleston on Foot

Walk the city. Start at White Point Gardens for harbor views. Admire the stately mansions on the Battery, then head up to bustling Broad Street.

Charleston on Foot

Image Credit: National Geographic/Getty Images

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