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About Burlington



Burlington, VT

Burlington, VT

Church Street

Church Street

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Burlington, VT

Burlington, VT

As you drive along Main Street toward downtown Burlington, it's easy to see why this four-college city is so often called one of the most livable small cities in the United States. Downtown is filled with hip restaurants and bars, art galleries, and the Church Street Marketplace—a bustling pedestrian mall with trendy shops, crafts vendors, street performers, and sidewalk cafés. Just beyond, Lake Champlain shimmers beneath the towering Adirondacks on the New York shore. On the shores of the lake, Burlington's revitalized waterfront teems with outdoors enthusiasts who bike or stroll along its recreation path, picnic on the grass, and ply the waters in sailboats and motor craft in summer.

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Things You Can't Miss

Explore Lake Champlain’s Ecology and History

At the Echo Lake Aquarium and Science Center, check out remnants of an old shipwreck and get your hands dirty in a re-created archaeological dig.

Explore Lake Champlain’s Ecology and History

Image Credit: Doug Schneider / Alamy

Wander Through Church Street Marketplace

The meet-and-greet center of town has 100-plus restaurants and shops selling local art, jewelry and clothes as well as rare and used books.

Wander Through Church Street Marketplace

Image Credit: Glenn Van Der Knijff/Getty Images

Bottoms Up on a Burlington Brew Tour

Bike from one craft brewery to another, or hop in a van while beer geeks explain how brew is made. Sample the wares, and finish with a delicious meal.

Bottoms Up on a Burlington Brew Tour

Image Credit: Bill Greene/Boston Globe via Getty Images

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