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Boston Common

Boston Common

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Boston Lighthouse

Boston Lighthouse

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There’s history and culture around every bend in Boston—skyscrapers nestle next to historic hotels while modern marketplaces line the antique cobblestone streets. But to Bostonians, living in a city that blends yesterday and today is just another day in beloved Beantown.

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Things You Can’t Miss

Samantha's Pick The Other Best Bar in Boston

Feel like you’re right in Fenway! Bleacher Bar has a large window that opens up right on to the field. No game needed for you to love the atmosphere.

The Other Best Bar in Boston

Image Credit: John Coletti / Getty Images

Samantha's Pick Revere Beach

Go to Kelly’s Roast Beef for the BEST fried clams. I like to go at 3 p.m., eat on the beach across the street, and watch the 747s take off from Logan.

Revere Beach

Image Credit: Persefoni Photo Images / Getty Images

Samantha's Pick Didn't Go to an Ivy?

Stay across the Charles in Cambridge, where institutions like Harvard and MIT allow you to bask in the smartness.

Didn't Go to an Ivy?

Image Credit: Richard Cummins / Getty Images

Take it Easy at Boston Common

The oldest park in the country (and possibly the only one with a 200-year-old ban on cows) buzzes with activity and makes for a delightful afternoon.

Take it Easy at Boston Common

Image Credit: Bud Freund / Getty Images

Enjoy a Walk on the Freedom Trail

If it’s one thing Bostonians love, it’s walking—and they have a great city for it, as you’ll see with a landmark-filled stroll along the Freedom Trail.

Enjoy a Walk on the Freedom Trail

Image Credit: Pgiam / Getty Images

Catch a Fly Ball at Fenway Park

Come alive with the crowd when Boston’s beloved Red Sox take the field at Fenway Park. Tickets can be hard to come by, but not impossible—even last minute.

Catch a Fly Ball at Fenway Park

Image Credit: David Madison / Getty Images

Visit the Museum of Fine Arts

With a collection that boasts over 450,000 pieces, Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts is not to be missed. Go on a Wednesday afternoon for reduced admission.

Visit the Museum of Fine Arts

Image Credit: Kim Grant / Getty Images

Climb Aboard the USS Constitution

Go back in time with a look at the oldest commissioned warship still afloat. Free guided tours are given by active U.S. Navy members throughout the week.

Climb Aboard the USS Constitution

Image Credit: Steve Dunwell / Getty Images

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