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About Beaufort



Beaufort, NC

Beaufort, NC

Dockhouse Restaurant

Dockhouse Restaurant

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Beaufort, NC

Beaufort, NC

There's a feeling of having stepped back in time in the small seaport with a charming boardwalk; residents take great pride in the city's restored public buildings and homes—and in their homes' histories, which sometimes include tales of pirates and sea captains. Don't make the mistake of pronouncing the town's name as "BEW-furt." South Carolinians call that state's city of Beaufort "BEW-furt." North Carolina's Beaufort is pronounced "BOW-furt." Established in 1713, the third-oldest town in North Carolina was named for Henry Somerset, duke of Beaufort, and it's hard to miss the English influence here. Streets, at least those in the historic district, are named after British royalty and colonial leaders.

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Things You Can't Miss

Get Your Sea Legs

The only way to reach the barrier islands of Cape Lookout National Seashore is by boat. Not ready to head back to the mainland? Camp on the beach.

Get Your Sea Legs

Image Credit: Pat & Chuck Blackley/Alamy

Wreck Diving

Some of the most glorious views on the Crystal Coast are below sea level. Discovery Diving offers lessons and tours of sunken ships.

Wreck Diving

Image Credit: National Geographic/Alamy

Dolphins Ahead!

If you want to keep your head above water, Lookout Adventures offers cruises that guarantee a close-up view of bottlenose dolphins.

Dolphins Ahead!

Image Credit: Steve Bloom/Alamy

Walk Through History

Beaufort's historic district brings the town's 19th-century citizens to life, including a Confederate soldier who blew up lighthouses at Cape Lookout.

Walk Through History

Image Credit: Alamy

Pirates of the Atlantic

Artifacts from Blackbeard's ship, Queen Anne's Revenge, are on display at the North Carolina Maritime Museum. So are great views of the waves.

Pirates of the Atlantic

Image Credit: Alamy

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