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Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge

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Photo Credit: Alamy

Pennybacker Bridge

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Welcome to Austin, TX

Austin is in the midst of a cultural renaissance. The city has become an important center for music- and film-making, as well as a foodie destination. At the same time, tech companies have migrated into the area, turning the city into Texas' answer to Silicon Valley. For the moment, Austin retains a bit of its former small-town vibe, but a quick scan of the downtown skyline will let you know those days are numbered. Despite all its recent the changes, Austin is still an extraordinarily open and welcoming place—a city where you're not only allowed but expected to be yourself, in all your quirky glory. Explore

  • Restaurants

    Apart from on tourist- and student-heavy 6th Street, Austin's restaurant scene is geared to local tastes and is...
    Read More
  • Hotels

    Finding a place to stay in Austin isn't hard. Finding a place with personality is harder. Downtown, ample brand-name...
    Read More
  • Nightlife

    Even when Austin was a backwater burg, it enjoyed a modicum of culture thanks to the University of Texas. The city's...
    Read More
  • Shopping

    The best way to plumb the depths of any city's character is to go shopping. And once you start browsing in Austin,...
    Read More
  • Sights

    Austin lies in Central Texas, about 163 mi southeast of the state's true center, Eden. On Austin's western border...
    Read More
  • Activities

    Austin has a variety of sports activities for the spectator or active participant.
    Read More
  • Places To Explore

    Here are a few of the must-see spots to get familiar with Austin.
    Read More
  • Travel Tips

    Plan your visit using our simple itineraries, forecasts, transportaion tools, contacts...
    Read More

Things You Can't Miss

Live Music Capital of the World

You can hear music from rock to blues to Tex-Mex at clubs all over Austin. The lively downtown scene on Sixth Street is always a good place to start.

Live Music Capital of the World

Image Credit: Alamy

Go Batty in Downtown Austin

Be at there at dusk to marvel at North America’s largest urban bat colony. More than a million bats roost there, spring through fall.

Go Batty in Downtown Austin

Image Credit: Alamy

Samantha's Pick Take a Dip in Barton Springs Pool

The beautiful limestone pool on the grounds of Zilker Park is filled by water from Main Barton Spring. Locals and visitors swim year-round.

Take a Dip in Barton Springs Pool

Image Credit: Alamy

There's Always Something Blooming Here

The 279-acre Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center delights visitors with an array of gardens dedicated to the conservation of native plants.

There's Always Something Blooming Here

Image Credit: Alamy

Recounting the Turbulent Johnson Years

On the University of Texas campus, the LBJ Presidential Library explores subjects from the Kennedy assassination to civil rights to the Vietnam War.

Recounting the Turbulent Johnson Years

Image Credit: Alamy

Samantha's Pick Hang Out With the Locals

Jo’s downtown is one of my favorite places for coffee — and for hanging out to absorb the effortlessly friendly Austin vibe.

Hang Out With the Locals

Image Credit: Kim Karpeles/Alamy

Samantha's Pick In the Heart of It All

Austin’s downtown is the ideal place to stay. You’ll be within walking distance of great music clubs, down-home dining and excellent shops.

In the Heart of It All

Image Credit: Getty Images

Samantha's Pick Smitty’s Market: The Place for Barbecue

It’s in Lockhart, less than 30 minutes outside the city. Your order comes on butcher paper, and you eat it with your hands.

Smitty’s Market: The Place for Barbecue

Image Credit: Mascarucci/Corbis

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