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About Aiken




South Boundary Oaks

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The Wilcox Inn

The Wilcox Inn

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Aiken State Park

Aiken State Park

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This is Thoroughbred country, and Aiken first earned its fame in the 1890s, when wealthy Northerners wintering here built stately mansions and entertained one another with horse shows, hunts, and lavish parties. Many up-to-60-room homes stand as a testament to this era of opulence. The town is still a center for all kinds of outdoor activity, including the equestrian events of the Triple Crown, as well as tennis and golf.

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Steeped in Tradition

Steeple racing takes center stage in Aiken in March during the running of the Imperial Cup, and again in October for the Holiday Cup.

Steeped in Tradition

Image Credit: Kim Foster-Tobin/MCT/ Getty Images

Tally Ho!

Legendary fox hunts and an annual horse show bring crowds to Hitchcock Woods. Or take to the trails by yourself on foot or horseback anytime.

Tally Ho!

Image Credit: Sara Caldwell/The Augusta Chronicle/Zuma Press/Alamy

Black Water

Fish for bass and catfish in Aiken State Park's black Edisto River. The park will loan you rods and reels if you have a state fishing license.

Black Water

Image Credit: Panoramic Images/Getty Images

Star Struck

The DuPont Planetarium takes audiences cruising through space. You can also see a rare camera obscura in action.

Star Struck

Image Credit: Zuma Press/Alamy

Winter Colony

Rose Hill Estate's historic Winter Colony mansion is a stylish inn. The dining room serves German and American food and features local musicians.

Winter Colony

Image Credit: Augusta Chronicle/Zuma Press/Alamy

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