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St. Basil's Cathedral

Photo Credit: poladamonte/Getty Images/iStockphoto

The Kremlin

Photo Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Photo Credit: Alex Yavitsa

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Welcome to Moscow, Russia

Cosmopolitan in flavor, Russia's capital exudes prosperity and vigor. From Stalin's carved-marble metro stations to the sprawl of modern business complexes, Moscow flaunts its ambition, and often goes over the top. It's an all-night-party town whose days offer endless opportunities for those who can keep up. A merchant capital by birth, Moscow was made for big spenders, and money has always made the wheels go round here. In what's now one of the world's most expensive cities, the only possible limit is the size of your wallet. Explore

  • Restaurants

    In a city where onion domes and Soviet-era monoliths bespeak a long, varied, and storied past, it's easy to forget...
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  • Hotels

    For years, Moscow hotels were plagued by the same Soviet-bequeathed deficiencies the city's other service industries...
    Read More
  • Nightlife

    St. Petersburg may be known as Russia's cultural capital, but Moscow easily rivals its northern neighbor. Ballet...
    Read More
  • Shopping

    These days, shopping is a national sport in Moscow. Locals shop in brand new mega-malls, revamped department stores,...
    Read More
  • Travel Tips

    Plan your visit using our simple itineraries, forecasts, transportaion tools, contacts...
    Read More

Things You Can't Miss

Moscow’s Hub

Red Square, site of ceremonies and parades, is bordered by the Kremlin (official residence of the president) and onion-domed St. Basil’s Cathedral.

Moscow’s Hub

Image Credit: TatianaTolstykh / Getty Images

Russian Treasure Trove

Crown jewels, carriages, coronation robes and more dazzle visitors to the Armory at the Kremlin. Highlight for many: 10 Imperial Fabergé eggs.

Russian Treasure Trove

Image Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

For Connoisseurs of the Contemporary

Scope out works by Russia-born greats including Chagall and Malevich, as well as Picassos, Mirós and Dalís at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

For Connoisseurs of the Contemporary

Image Credit: epsilon / Getty Images

A Buzzing Flea Market

Pick up a painting by an emerging artist or lacquered boxes at Izmailovsky Market. Take a post-bargaining bite into shashlik (kebobs).

A Buzzing Flea Market

Image Credit: David Crossland / Alamy

Experience Country Life

Visit the Soviet Dacha in Moscow to drink borscht or sip tea served from a samovar. The unusual site outside the city is a real family’s summer house.

Experience Country Life

Image Credit: UIG/Getty Images

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