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Machu Picchu, Peru



Machu Piccu and the Inca Trail, Peru

Machu Piccu and the Inca Trail, Peru

Machu Piccu and the Inca Trail, Peru

The world did not become aware of Machu Picchu's existence until 1911, when Yale university historian Hiram Bingham (1875-1956) announced that he had "discovered" the site. "Rediscovered" is a more accurate term; area residents knew of Machu Picchu's existence all along. This "lost city of the Inca" was missed by the ravaging conquistadors and survived untouched until the beginning of the 20th century. - Copyright © 2014 by Fodor’s Travel, a division of Random House, LLC. All rights reserved.

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Things You Can't Miss

Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

Reservations are required (far in advance) to trek the Inca Trail in the footsteps of Inca rulers. Guides lead trips of two days to a week.

Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

Image Credit: © Aurora Photos / Alamy

The Iconic Machu Picchu Vista

You’ll be able to shoot your own version of the famous photos of the site by climbing to the Guard House, which overlooks the main area of the ruins.

The Iconic Machu Picchu Vista

Image Credit: © Scott Kemper / Alamy

Only a Lucky Few Gain Access to Huayna Picchu

Advance booking is essential for the strenuous climb to this summit, but the effort is worth the condor’s-eye panorama of all of Machu Picchu.

Only a Lucky Few Gain Access to Huayna Picchu

Image Credit: © David Noton Photography / Alamy

Intipuncu: A Favorite Site for Travelers

Don’t have time for the Inca Trail? An ascent to the famed Sun Gate offers the view that the Incas saw at the end of their journeys 500 years ago.

Intipuncu: A Favorite Site for Travelers

Image Credit: © BBA Travel / Alamy

Fine History Lesson at a Little-Known Museum

It’s a bit of a walk from Aguas Calientes, but Museo de Sitio Manuel Chávez Ballón helps you understand aspects of Machu Picchu’s origins and meaning.

Fine History Lesson at a Little-Known Museum

Image Credit: © National Geographic Image Collection / Alamy

Ollantaytambo: A Visit With Stunning Sights

Spectacular Inca ruins and opportunities to learn about contemporary Quechua culture abound in this attractive, historic community in the Sacred Valley.

Ollantaytambo: A Visit With Stunning Sights

Image Credit: © Patrick J. Endres/AlaskaPhotoGraphics/Corbis

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