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Tokyo, Japan



Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower

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In places Tokyo seems to have been frozen in time—especially in the traditions that underpin many Tokyoites’ lives or the temples and gardens that have survived centuries of upheaval—yet in others the city never stands still, and change of some kind—gradual and rapid—is always afoot. - Copyright © 2014 by Fodor’s Travel, a division of Random House, LLC. All rights reserved.

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Things you can't miss

A Quick Course in Japanese History

The Tokyo National Museum’s important collections include archaeological artifacts, paintings, calligraphy, sculptures, textiles, pottery and more.

A Quick Course in Japanese History

Image Credit: Alex Segre / Alamy

Time-Travel on Foot

Explore what well-regarded Walk Japan calls “perhaps the most enigmatic” metropolis on Earth, mixing ultramodern and traditional. It offers Tokyo tours.

Time-Travel on Foot

Image Credit: Bloomberg / Getty Images

Say Hi to Hello Kitty

Catnip for kiddies: Go on rides, pose with Kitty and other characters, then watch a Disney-style parade at super-cute Sanrio Puroland theme park.

Say Hi to Hello Kitty

Image Credit: Ma Ping/Xinhua Press / Corbis

Take a Good, Hot Bath

You can luxuriate in tubs filled by hot springs at the Oedo-Onsen-Monogatari complex, then stroll in a yukata robe to nosh on sushi or shop.

Take a Good, Hot Bath

Image Credit: jeremy sutton-hibbert / Alamy

People-Watch in a Park

Step off the hectic tourist trail, feed koi and watch locals unwind. You’ll see wedding parties, guys dressed like retro U.S. rockers and more at Yoyogi Park.

People-Watch in a Park

Image Credit: Chad Ehlers / Alamy

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