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About Halifax



Halifax Harbor

Halifax Harbor

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It was Halifax’s natural harbor—the second largest in the world after Sydney, Australia’s—that first drew the British here in 1749, and today most major sites are conveniently located either along it or on the Citadel-crowned hill overlooking it. That’s good news for visitors because this city actually covers quite a bit of ground.Since amalgamating with Dartmouth (directly across the harbor) and several suburbs in 1996, Halifax has been absorbed into the Halifax Regional Municipality, and the HRM, as it is known, has 400,000 residents. That may not sound like a lot by U.S. standards, but it makes Nova Scotia’s capital the most significant Canadian urban center east of Montréal. Haligonians will tell you that it’s also the most interesting—and they have a point, at least as far as Halifax proper is concerned.The old city manages to feel both hip and historic. Previous generations had the foresight to preserve much of it, culturally as well as architecturally, yet students from five local universities keep it from being stuffy. In addition to the energetic arts-and-entertainment scene the students help create, visitors also benefit from enviable dining, shopping, and museum-hopping options.There's easy access to the water, too, and despite being the focal point of a busy commercial port, Halifax Harbour doubles as a playground. It's a place where container ships, commuter ferries, cruise ships, and tour boats compete for space, and where workaday tugs and fishing vessels tie up beside glitzy yachts. Like Halifax as a whole, the harbor represents a blend of the traditional and the contemporary.

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Things You Can't Miss

Life As a 19th-Century British Soldier

On a hill overlooking Halifax, Citadel National Historic Site features living-history performers reenacting daily routines of a military post.

Life As a 19th-Century British Soldier
A Special Place in Seafaring History

At the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic you’ll see Titanic artifacts, learn about the city’s tragic 1917 harbor explosion and tour a 1913 survey ship.

A Special Place in Seafaring History

Image Credit: Travel Pictures/Alamy

The Green Delights of the Halifax Public Gardens

This popular 17-acre, Victorian-style garden features lovely fountains, graceful bridges, varied plantings, a waterfowl pond and outdoor sculpture.

The Green Delights of the Halifax Public Gardens

Image Credit: All Canada Photos/Getty Images

Canada’s Front Door

Moving exhibits at the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 recall those who entered the country from 1928 to 1971 as immigrants and refugees.

Canada’s Front Door

Image Credit: Danita Delimont/Alamy

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